Brick Slips

Brick Slips systems are a modern alternative to traditional bricklaying, providing the benefit of insulating properties, whilst retaining a traditional brick built aesthetic.
Mechanically Fixed Brick Slip Cladding System
Acrylic Brick Slips
Clay Brick Slips
Acrylic Brick Slips
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Brick Slip cladding is a thin layer of brick that is used aesthetically as a form of surface finish rather than structurally. This choice of the system has become a popular choice of external wall systems due to their thermal insulating properties and aesthetic versatility, offering both modern and traditional finishes.


Brick Slip cladding systems can be easily adapted and customised to create a bespoke finish to fit any project requirements. Their versatile look provides architects flexibility to design both high-end stylistic finishes and more traditional styles to fit the surrounding area. Brick Slip cladding not only can be installed to match the texture and colour it can be bonded to the requirements of the project also which adds to the growing benefits of using this as a facade solution.

The systems bricks vary in depth and installation techniques depending on the project’s requirements. The different types of brick systems and fixings include:


  • Adhesive Fixed Bricks – depending on the surface you are fixing to ideally use cement or latex-based adhesive.
    • Acrylic bricks can be as thin as 3mm, these are lightweight solutions often used on high-rise buildings.
    • Clay bricks the thickness can be between 7-20mm we are able to match closer to traditional brick including texture and natural weathering that may have occurred.
  • Mechanically Fixed Bricks – This is a cladding system that has over 300 brick finishes. Using a lightweight aluminium rail support system and 10mm pre-spaced vertical and horizontal mortar joins this cladding solution enables a speedy installation. Mechanically fixed brick slips can even cut down real bricks, this enhances the ability to match surrounding buildings also.

All Brick Slip cladding systems, offer benefits not just in aesthetics, but also in time and cost-effective solutions. In comparison to traditional bricklaying, Brick Slip systems are up to 10 quicker to install, offering reduced installation programmes and associated costs.


In addition to this using Brick Slips also provides better insulating properties and environmental benefits than traditional brick, improving the overall energy efficiency of the property and reducing carbon outputs.

Benefits of using Brick Slips

Some of the benefits of using Brick Slip Cladding systems as an alternative to traditional brick are:
Installation in any weather condition

Cost Effective

Suitable for new build and renovation


Superior thermal and sound insulation



Brick Slip Cladding Projects

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Get in touch to see how Build-Therm Services can help with your Brick Slip Cladding. We will send you relevant information and updates about our External Wall Insulation Solutions.

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