Site Walk with Councillor Damian White to discuss progression across the Havering Borough

Site Walk with Councillor Damian White to discuss progression across the Havering Borough

BTS Property Solutions and representatives of Havering Borough Council undertook a tour of the Petersfield Estate to review the works that are currently being undertaken as part of the Estate Improvement programme.

Over the next 5 years, BTS Property Solutions will be working in partnership with Havering Borough Council carrying out improvement works to various estates across Havering. Works have already started on various estates, with the scope of works including roofing, fencing, pathways, drying area renewal, restoration of brickwork, pathway lighting, pram store upgrades and new bin stores.

The Petersfield Estate in Harold Hill has already seen a significate investment and  extensive works are in progress across its nine blocks and the communal areas.

The walk across the estate was to discuss the works that are taking place, and how these have benefited and improved the area. Representatives from both BTS Property Solutions and Havering Borough Council were in attendance including Damian White Leader of Havering Borough Council, Alex Sanderson, Bill Finch, and Adele Hemming from BTS Property Solutions and Kevin Howard, Mark Howard, and Garry Knight from the council.


Councillor White said:

“I’m so pleased that we’re finally able to move forward with these improvement works, especially after such a tough year for Havering.

“I’m excited to see these estates brought back to their former glory.

“The local residents deserve somewhere that they can be proud to call home, and to know that they’re not being left behind as we press on with our wider-scale regeneration projects.

“This programme is about ensuring all our estates in Havering are safe, clean and great places to live.”


Alex Sanderson, Managing Director of BTS Property Solutions, said:

“BTS Property Solutions are extremely happy and looking forward to supporting Havering Borough Council over the next 5 years.

“With multiple sites already underway we are excited to see the improvements that are being made as the works come to completion.

“Alongside the works that we are undertaking, we are also engaging with the local community groups.

“Plus social projects and businesses to create a long-term impact within the Havering area.”

Currently works are taking place at Mawney Close, Cherry Tree Lane and Dagnam Park as well as Petersfield Estate and BTS Property Solutions are due to commence works at Hucknall Close, Kingsbridge Circus and Ongar Way soon.

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