Rainscreen cladding envelopes are designed to provide thermally efficient solutions, which defend buildings from the elements and protect against the spread of fire, whilst offering a visually improved facade.
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Cladding solutions were initially introduced in the industry as a system used to fix imperfections in surfaces and upgrade their aesthetic. Today, they offer superior thermal insulation, contributing to reduced carbon outputs and additional protection against the spread of fire in buildings. Weathering and condensation can eventually erode the fabric of a building ruining the appearance, the insulation quality, and affect the value of the property. Furthermore, cladding solutions are a technique that has become a one-stop solution to avoiding this while creating aesthetically pleasing façade systems.


Cladding solutions are available in many different materials, shapes, and sizes and allowing for a bespoke outcome to be created for the requirements of each building. Build-Therm Services offers an in-house design as a resource to create a unique combination of practical, aesthetic and environmental advantages.


Build-Therm provides bespoke and safe cladding solutions which meet the individual needs of each project. With cladding under scrutiny, BTS ensures the safety of its systems to current Building Regulations and conformance to Fire Safety Standards for systems EN13501-1. We also adhere to new guidelines set out in the Hackitt Report, following the 2017’s Grenfell fire, and work with our clients to offer compliant systems which provide quality and value for money.

Benefits of using Cladding

Build-Therm services Ltd is has a team of professionally trained and qualified staff that will ensure quality results. From design to finished product. Above all BTS assist in handpicking the best solution for your budget and requirements. The benefits of Cladding solutions are as follows:
Lightweight materials that offer protective and decorative functions

Bespoke Solutions

Superior thermal and sound insulation

Wide choice of materials and finishes

Anti-graffiti and other surface coatings available

Suitable for new build and renovation


Featured Project

Oxford Towers

Build-Therm Services were contracted to undertake works to improve the thermal performance and physical appearance of two high-rise tower block built in the 1960s in Oxford.


The design of the external facades provided each tower with its own identity whilst maintaining continuity through the vertical divides of the facades which consisted of External Wall Insulation with a Silicone Render Finish and Insulated Aluminium Cladding solutions, both undertaken by Build-Therm Services.


The transformation of the exterior to these 15 storey blocks will certainly enhance the Oxford Skyline. It also adds to our refurbishment and high-rise portfolios.

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