Window & Curtain Walling

Window and Curtain Wall solutions offer excellent structural integrity with a high-end finish for a seamless appearance.
curtain walling

Curtain walling as an external wall solution is employed to achieve aesthetically high-end results and can be insulated to provide thermal efficiency and carbon savings. Traditionally fabricated from aluminium or stone and having fewer visible joins assists in establishing a seamless appearance.


Acting as a single unit benefits of using curtain walling include:

  • High resistance to moisture
  • Wind and structural shift resistance
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Faster installation than alternatives


Curtain Wall systems are structurally independent and self-supporting systems and can be easily maintained and removed without detriment to the overall building structural system. The structure of the Window / Curtain Walling system spans multiple stories enabling speedy erection of the facade. This set-up enables a seamless finish achieving the most adventurous of architecture. With the structure covering a large area, this is ideal for high-rise and high-end builds.


To provide the complete facade solution Build-Therm has also expanded its capabilities by providing Windows and Doors that can be fully integrated into the design of the build. Depending on the specifications of the project our in-house design team, work with our key supply chain to provide bespoke and innovative solutions. Including windows within your facade package, ensuring the envelope of your build is resistant to all the elements.

Benefits of using Window & Curtain Walling
Build-Therm Services LTD works closely with a variety of Curtain walling offering a variety of benefits which including:
Energy efficient

Safe installation

Low maintenance and long lasting

Eco Friendly

Element resistant

Built-in fire stopper

Ease of repair

High-end finish

Considerations when thinking about Curtain Walling


Considerations when designing and installing windows, Doors and Curtain Walling systems is the energy efficiency. It is estimated that around 35% of heat lost from a building escapes through windows alone. In addition to this throughout the summer months, there is an increase in the bills due to the requirement of cooling the building. To predict and combat this we need to look at the U– Values & G – Values of these structures to select the required system.


What are U & G Values?

  • U-Value is the measure of how much heat escapes out via the windows, walls, and roof for example.
  • G-Value is a measure of how much solar heat (infrared radiation) is allowed in through a particular part of a building.

Curtain Walling and Window systems are fabricated off-site, offering a reduction in time on site and enabling quick delivery of projects. In addition, Build-Therm works with its strong extensive supply chain to ensure only high-quality and compliant materials are used. As a result, we guarantee results with the highest quality of finishes.

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