BTS Property Solutions secure Havering Borough

BTS Property Solutions secure Havering Borough

BTS Property Solutions secure Havering Borough Council

We have been appointed to undertake estate improvement works for properties throughout the borough.

Working closely with the council and residents, we are committed to undertake works within the local area to deliver truly meaningful and positive enhancements.

We have now commenced works on 3 sites in the borough: Petersfield Avenue Estate Cherry Tree Lane and Mawney Close.

Each of these estates has a tailored package of works that will be completed by our team.

Estate improvement Havering for the next few weeks on these estates are:

  • Petersfield Estate comprises 9 blocks. Works to the Facias and Soffits on the first block are due to be completed next week. Scaffolding has been erected to the next 4 blocks and we will continue to undertake brickwork and concrete repairs, plus works to the drying areas and repairs to the pram shed on the estate.
  • Cherry Tree Lane, works are progressing at 2 locations. On the first location 16-38 Cherry Tress Lane, we are currently undertaking roof replacement works and decorations to the exterior of the building. Over the next few weeks, the drying areas and fencing will be replaced, and works will commence on the upgrading of the walkway for the block. On our second location 154-252 Cherry trees Lane, scaffolding is being erected for us to undertake surveys of the brickwork and existing finishes. The scaffolding will remain in place until we have completed works to the panelling and balconies of the block.
  • Mawney Close, works on the 1st block are currently underway, with roof works having now been completed, we are also undertaking redecoration to the block and the sheds, these works will also include any repairs to the brickwork that are required.

We can’t wait for further developments on-site and additional starts on new estates. Learn more about what BTS Property Solutions are up to here. Also, find Haverings improvements plans on their website here.