Estate Improvement

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With an increased focus on safe, compliant and sustainable local housing without the sacrifice of quality, regeneration projects within local authorities and housing providers are on the rise. BTS Property Solutions has worked with contractors and councils across the country to achieve bespoke cost-effective refurbishment packages for both individual projects and long-term partnering programmes.


Services provided for Estate Improvements vary from project to project. Works can include but are not limited to remedial works on pathways, Bin stores, communal land, balconies, facias and more.


Annually we deliver estate improvement works to circa. 1000 homes, helping our clients meet their commitments and providing residents with high-quality homes.

Featured Project


Havering Borough Council


BTS Property Solutions secured a 5-year contract with Havering BC to undertake estate improvements work throughout the borough. Working on 32 estates through Havering, BTS Property Solutions have built a dedicated team to work on the contract to undertake the required works. The project will see thousands of homes improved over the next 5 years with residence at the core of all decision making.
Estate improvements

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  • BTS Property Solutions aim to positively impact the local area of Havering since winning the 5-year contract with the council. Construction and works in residential areas can often be seen as having a negative impact such as noise other disruptions. Therefore, BTS Property Solutions have......

  • BTS Property Solutions and representatives of Havering Borough Council undertook a tour of the Petersfield Estate to review the works that are currently being undertaken as part of the Estate Improvement programme. Over the next 5 years, BTS Property Solutions will be working in partnership......

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  • BTS Property Solutions secure Havering Borough Council We have been appointed to undertake estate improvement works for properties throughout the borough. Working closely with the council and residents, we are committed to undertake works within the local area to deliver truly meaningful and positive enhancements.......