Brick Slips

Brick Slips systems are a modern alternative to traditional bricklaying with a considerable amount of benefits. The benefits of using brick slips can be from both an aesthetic and a cost perspective.


External Wall Insulation Systems – This can have either Clay Brick Slips or Acrylic Brick Slips. The former use purpose-made slips in varying thicknesses from 7-15mm in depth. Moreover, this tends to be more cost-effective than brick slip cladding. The latter is a value-engineered option to any clay brick slip system, which is extremely light and can be colour & texture matched to traditional bricks.


Brick Slip options

There is an array of options in the market from panelised systems to mechanically installed clay brick cladding systems. You can choose from systems that have purpose made brick slips (limited selection but more cost-effective). The benefit of this is that brick slips are more accommodating than traditional brickwork enabling bespoke architectural detailing. The IBIS Hotel project demonstrates this, you are able to see the completion of steps which couldn’t be accommodated in the traditional brickwork.


In comparison to traditional bricklaying, it can be up to 10 times quicker to install. Along with time comes money. Brick Slips systems will dramatically reduce the cost of the build and increasing the overall energy efficiency of the final project. Brick slips are moderately lighter in weight and smaller in size than its traditional counterpart.  This solution is growing to be a largely popular solution.



Build-Therm Services are expert facade installers holding experience, a wealth of knowledge and a dedicated supply chain. Moreover, at BTS we pride ourselves that we will create inspiring, functional, and durable façades.

Solution to traditional brick

Installed in any weather condition

Maintenance required to façade is minimal

Superior thermal and sound insulation

Can match multiple brickworks benefitting extension works

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