Cladding solutions has become a one-stop solution to avoiding this while creating aesthetically pleasing façade systems while conforming to construction disciplines, and working to fast track schedules.  Accordingly, this not only improves buildings aesthetically, but these systems have also been developed to improve thermal insulation and sound protection levels. Additionally, weathering and condensation can eventually erode the fabric of a building, which will ruin the appearance, the insulation quality, and affect the value of the property.


Available in many different materials, shapes, and sizes, this solution offers designers a unique combination of practical, aesthetic, and environmental advantages.



Build-Therm services Ltd is has a team of professionally trained and qualified staff that will ensure from design, to engineering, to finished product, that only the best most suited specialised systems will be installed.

Quick and simple to fit

Lightweight materials that offer protective and decorative functions

Dry installation

Size and cost of buildings reduces

Pre-fabricated complete with insulation and breather membrane

Wide choice of materials and finishes

Can suit all budgets

Performance enhanced flame retardants

Anti-graffiti and other surface coatings available

Superior thermal and sound insulation

Suitable for new build and renovation

Ease of repair

Completed Cladding Projects

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