Rendering external walls is a great way to improve and/or update the appearance of the existing building.  Not only beneficial for aesthetic purposes but render will also protect the substrate and will provide water resistance, reducing any water ingress and generally acting like a protective layer against the elements.


External Wall Insulation Systems often have a render finish which is suitable for application on both existing and new builds. We work with many suppliers who have an extensive range of systems to accommodate the requirements of a particular project, from directly fixed systems to systems incorporating a cavity. The use of insulation within the system allows high levels of thermal performance to be achieved, with the thickness being calculated based upon the specific wall build-up and the u-value required for the project.


Technologically advanced silicone and acrylic based render systems with impressive performance levels are now readily available.  These products allow for flexibility to meet the most demanding designs, façade curvatures, or colour options while at the same time improving and optimising façade performance and durability.



Whether to an existing building or a new development, Build-Therm Services has the experience, wealth of knowledge and dedicated supply chain to ensure the right render / finish will be selected to create inspiring, functional, and durable façades.

Flexible binders providing protection against cracking surfaces

Suitable for application onto many surfaces including masonry and steel framed building

Polymeric for enhanced water repellence and weather protection

Vapour permeable for façade breathability

Enhanced algae and fungus resistance

Available in wide range of colours

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