Steel Framing Systems

Steel Framing Systems, in modern-day construction, are looked at by developers as a way of reducing build-time and cost, whilst offering high precision construction and sustainability. Furthermore, Build- Therm specialises in a wide range of Steel Framing Solutions, commonly known as SFS. Furthermore, provide solutions that are suitable for many types of application in most sectors of construction. Most importantly, these including structural or non-load-bearing systems.


SFS has become a mainstay and is extensively used in construction as it provides a fast-track building method that is ideal for projects with demanding deadlines. Although the systems may benefit project timelines, Steel Framing Solutions are not restrictive in application or design and can be flexible to suit various needs.


As an External Wall infill, this lightweight secondary structure is fixed to the primary superstructure, (typically positioned at the slab edge). Consequently, Insulated and enclosed with sheathing board, this creates a weathered envelope at an early stage of any build, helping to reduce the overall build time.



Build- Therm Services LTD works closely with a variety of SFS manufacturers and suppliers, allowing access to bespoke design and calculation services in order to meet most client requirements. Therefore, we the capability to construct and install an SFS/LSF secondary wall structure, together with over-cladding, insulating or rendering the façade makes Build Therm Services a genuine ‘through-the-wall’ one-stop-shop for all your faced and cladding solutions.

Suitable for many applications

Sections can be easily adapted on site

Reduced weight in comparison to traditional construction methods

Increased sustainability performance

Cost efficient

Rapid water tightness

Compact. Less site deliveries required

Less shrinkage or settlement

Steel Framing System Projects

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