Facade Solutions that save the Planet

Facade Solutions that save the Planet

Reducing waste and finding the façade solution to benefit you and the environment


Over one-third of the UK’s waste comes from the construction industry alone.


We, the construction industry, consume the largest number of the UK’s natural resources. The sector uses 400 million tonnes of material every year, which results in 100 million tonnes of waste being produced.

Adapting your approach and the façade solutions used within a project can help to save waste as well as reap economic benefits. When Build-Therm Services approaches any project they take economic, environmental, and social factors into consideration. This is key when thinking about the sustainability and longevity of a project.

When approaching projects there are different ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the project.

  • Brick Slips – To its traditional counterpart brick slips require around 50% fewer deliveries, they provide double the coverage as well as encourage growth in U-values due to additional insulation included in the wall build-up.
  • Cladding – Having a bespoke cladding solution you can work with the supply chain you can utilise the raw material in conjunction with your design to achieve minimal waste.
  • Labour Cost – In general, all façade solutions are faster to install than their traditional counterparts reducing labour costs, time on site and being non-weather dependent systems.
  • U-Values and G-Values
    • U-Value is the measure of how much heat escapes out via the windows, walls, and roof for example.
    • G-Value is a measure of how much solar heat (infrared radiation) is allowed in through a particular part of a building.

By controlling these we can reduce our carbon footprint and optimise the energy efficiency of the building.

Case Studies

Wembley Point – Client: RGB Group | System: Ash & Lacy 

The re-development features VariAL H System (Aluminium) formed into bespoke ‘star’ shapes to enhance the façade of the outdated building. The finish to the building provides a fully secret-fixed system, delivering aesthetically flat, precise panels with no visible fixings. This technique also accommodates a multitude of panel shapes and configurations, offering ultimate flexibility in aesthetic design techniques.

Environmental Benefits

  • By working with Ash and Lacy we were able to utilise the raw material to configure the design to use fewer sheets of material
  • By providing the windows on this project we were able to control the U-Values and G-Values

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Shredded Wheat – Higgins Partnerships

To achieve the high-end finish to the property, we opted to use the unique Mech Slip System from Ash & Lacy. This innovative system enables us to utilise the bricks provided by Higgins Partnerships on the building for a perfect match. By using a mechanically fixed brick slip system we worked with our supplier to cut the bricks down to 30 and 40mm to enable a seamless exorbitant finish.

Environmental Benefits

  • By using hand-cut brick slips we can cover a wider area of the surface while reducing the number of natural resources used
  • Within the system insulation is included which helps to reduce the U-Value

Orsman Road – RFM Contractors

This project used GFRC (glass fibre reinforced cladding) cladding. It created clean-cut concrete forms; these were able to be achieved without reinforced structural work needing to be taken. The intention of the project from inception is the reduction of waste so it was key to find a façade solution that would conform to this ethos.

Environmental Benefits

  • Minimal Natural Resources: GFRC uses fewer natural resources because it uses less cement than traditional concrete does
  • No need for Steel reinforcement
  • Only produce what will be used, no on-site waste

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By looking at these projects we can see how different façade solutions can help environmentally and bring your carbon footprint down. Build-Therm Services continue to build for a better future.

After every project we look back to see how we can utilise and adapt our approach to projects. We as a company aim to make an impact on our carbon footprint. We have a Carbon Reduction Plan that we have outlined our commitment to achieving Net-Zero.

Speak to our team today to see how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint by adapting your approach.

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