Bristol Residential Redevelopment

Regeneration, Remediation, Render
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Willmott Dixon Energy Services Ltd

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Project Summary

As part of a Bristol Council scheme, Build-Therm Services alongside Willmott Dixon provided the external wall solution of Render to insulate 500 houses. This regeneration project enabled us to ensure that the council housing within the Bristol area is energy efficient as well as visually restored.


Overtime working on these sites we encountered issues from house to house such as satellites. This was an issue we overcame going through the 500 strong houses. Furthermore, the ever-growing need for energy efficiency. Build-Therms most cost-effective solution of rendering. This has also been seen within other regeneration jobs. Although they don’t end up looking the most attractive buildings, the reduction in energy bills and communal impact is very evident.


Work Summary

  • StoTherm Insulated Render