Progression at York House

Progression at York House

York House - Render

Build-Therm is refurbishing the outside of York House, Wembley. The project backs onto Wembley Stadium including views of the London skyline. The addition of 346 residential dwellings, to a traditionally industrial area, assisting in housing the growing population of London.

Typically, our sites have an impactful transformation of the envelope however, BTS takes pride in assisting in refreshing the look of York House, Wembley. In addition to this, the use of the building will be moving from commercial to residential one-bed studios. The work includes a gym and amenities on lower levels.

The external works consist of the replacement of insulation for two external walls to conform to the new legislation. BTS also is rendering, painting both external walls and window frames to conform to the current aesthetic.

This project will be the latest addition to our refurbishment portfolio with the hope of it finishing in the new year we can’t wait to see the big reveal.