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Recladding often identified as ‘refurbishment’, of facade solutions is becoming the most topical subject in the construction industry. Moreover, billions of pounds of the government’s financial budget are going into investment in the remediation of social and private landlord property to ensure the safety of residents.


BTS property solutions have recladding facade solutions to suit all properties, with safety and compliance at the forefront of all our design and planning. With the inherent fire risks associated with cladding systems, specifically in buildings over 11m, extra precaution in the design and specification of the system and its components is paramount. BTS Property Solutions design and deliver systems that meet EN13501-1 standards for Fire Safety, are BS8414 tested and meet Building Regulations Parts B and L. This is backed by our SWIGA accreditation to assure quality and compliance.


The major difference in the transition from New Build to Refurbishment/recladding project is the increased risk while working on live environments, buildings that are preoccupied. BTS Property Solutions have adapted its service and approach to projects ensuring compliant and safe practice is carried out with residents at the forefront of all decisions.

What BTS Offer 
BTS Property Solutions work directly with architects from design to implementation to achieve the highest calibre of safety for everyone involved. When working alongside the main contractor BTS provide the full envelope solutions for the build. We provide a bespoke recladding solution to ensure all parties are considered with safety at the forefront of all decisions.


Since the inception of Build-Therm, there has been a large volume in demand and requirement for recladding of existing buildings. As a company, we were able to expand, doing so we introduced BTS Property Solutions. The company resides within the refurbishment sector providing recladding and remediation works with projects across the UK Learn more here.


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Our Portfolio Refurbishment Projects

Key considerations when adopting Recladding Projects


  • Technical expertise – Our in house technical and design managers work to amend any changes and improvements on the existing façade. Bringing a safe and compliant system is the priority of all parties, this is where Build-Therm ensure design, adoption and installation is utilised at all stages.
  • Early Adoption – Adopting a project in the early stages of the reward is a key component to consider. Our estimating and commercial team can work alongside the client or main contractor to achieve high end recladding projects within budget restraints that may come along with the project.
  • Specialist supply chain – Since inception Build-Therm and BTS have continuously worked to ensure our supply chain is that of the highest standard. Working on recladding projects has seen our approach become adapted and improved to achieve a first-class service.
  • Working in live environments – Live environments in recladding projects is a consideration taken when setting up a project where communication has become essential as well as additional precautions. BTS has utilised its experience and knowledge to overcome and exceed the expectations of clients.

Latest Recladding News

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  • BTS Property Solutions have secured 20 Mint Walk project a refurbishment in Croydon. The project, delivered alongside Elliot Group, will see the replacement of the current façade of the building, with the installation of new insulation and fire safety measures. The replacement of the façade......

  • BTS Property Solutions are excited to announce we have secured a new recladding project in Manchester called Fresh apartments. Manchester Fresh Apartments is a high-rise mixed-used refurbishment project that we will be delivered in conjunction with returning clients Bell Building Projects Ltd. BTS Property Solutions......

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