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External Wall Insulation (EWI) is an effective way of insulating solid wall properties to notably reduce heat loss through walls.  This is achieved by applying a layer of insulation material to the external walls of properties with mechanical fixings and adhesive, this reinforces the building and can be done with various render to create a range of decorative finishes.



Buildings were previously constructed using traditional solid wall methods; and over 400 non-traditional house types were designed and built to ease housing problems in the UK. These ‘fast-track’ building methods resulted in building defects and contributed to Britain having some of the draughtiest housing stock in Europe!


Since the creation of the 1980 Building Regulation, build projects have incorporated cavity walls and have sought to improve overall thermal performance. These thermal efficiency considerations have now been extended to include refurbishment works, and External Wall Insulation has become a very simple yet highly effective solution.



These systems are now used worldwide in new build and refurbishment sectors and the technologies are cutting carbon, and providing optimum thermal performance. The installation of these BBA & ETA certified systems could create many benefits:

Acoustic Insulation

Reduced maintenance requirements

Aesthetic improvements

Reduced energy demand

Increased EPC performance

Reduced fuel bills

Increased property value

Benefits moisture/ condensation issues

Windproof, weather tight, and warm

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