Offering Social Value in Havering Borough

Offering Social Value in Havering Borough

BTS Property Solutions aim to positively impact the local area of Havering since winning the 5-year contract with the council. Construction and works in residential areas can often be seen as having a negative impact such as noise other disruptions. Therefore, BTS Property Solutions have actively taken measures to ensure it brings opportunity, growth, and value to the local community.

Being the main contractor on this project BTS Property Solutions makes dynamic choices when selecting subcontractors as well as engaging with its residents to bring social value incentives. The team have worked hard on:

  1. Local Employment

BTS Property Solutions have various contractors and workforce working across the 32 estates that will be covered over the next 5 years. During the selection process, a key component is to ensure the workers are within proximity of the works. This guarantees employment opportunities for those within the project’s communities, then providing indirect economic growth.

  1. Community Engagement

Community engagement has been at the core of all projects. Niki our Resident Liaison Officer alongside Adele our Operations Coordinator has worked in conjunction with the residence as well as supported local schemes. Providing residents with monthly and weekly updates has been processing we have implemented to keep communication transparent.

Other exciting projects we are working on over the next couple of months are:

  • Litter picking around Harold Hill within local communities.
  • Mind Charity Sensory Garden
  • Project BBQ
  • Deer community talks
  1. Local Procurement

Identifying a local supply chain is also essential to providing development for local businesses in the Havering Borough. By employing local procurement enables longevity and impact of benefits that the surrounding areas receive.

  1. Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship schemes within local areas are a key component to providing social value to the younger generation Z, who are often overlooked. Working with local colleges we have been able to employ an apprentice to work with our estimating team providing the skills and tools to kick start their careers within the construction industry.

Although we are directly refurbishing the estates, bringing positive social value by engaging with the local community and businesses will create a long-term impact on the social environment. If you would like to get involved and see how we can work together do not hesitate to contact us today.