Steel Framing Systems

Build-Therm are specialists in delivering Steel Frame System (SFS) works to multiple construction projects. SFS is suitable for the majority of construction projects, including structural or non-load-bearing systems.
steel framing systems installation

Steel Framing Systems (SFS), in modern-day construction, is looked at by developers as a way of reducing build-time and cost, whilst offering high precision construction and sustainability. As an External Wall infill, this typically lightweight secondary structure is fixed to the primary superstructure, (typically positioned at the slab edge). Consequently, insulated and enclosed with a sheathing board, this creates a weather-proof envelope at an early stage of any build, helping to reduce the overall build time. In addition to the benefits of the system to project timelines, SFS Solutions are not restrictive in application or design and can be flexible to suit various needs.

Build-Therm works with our extensive supply chain throughout the design, manufacturing, delivery, and installation of the pre-panelised Framework Systems. This system is tailor-made for each individual project. With the system materials being made to measure which enables accuracy and zero waste making it highly economical to traditional methods.

Infill SFS

Infill Steel Framing Systems is typically installed and positioned on the slab edge between the structural members of the building. The structure allows external finishing to be installed continuously outside the main structural frame while supporting its own weight. This technique can be designed to house windows and other façade solutions to achieve the required aesthetic of the build. Infill Steel Framing Systems does not hold any weight of the structure its primary function is to ‘infill’ the external wall zone.

Load Bearing SFS

Load Bearing Steel Framing Systems provides the erection of masonry walls on the perimeter and interior of the building. Structural steel members are then anchored to the masonry walls using fixings. This design and construction of the wall enable the support of the full structure load. It uses the axial capacity of the stubs, which are designed in a series of columns, facilitating it to hold a large amount of weight.

The structures can be erected on site which gives the design team not only complexity but enables flexibility and adaptation later in the design process. Other benefits of us using Load Bearing SFS include high thermal and acoustic performance as well is often seen as a fast-track solution to a build.

Benefits of using Steel Framing Systems

Build-Therm Services Ltd works closely with a variety of Steel Framing Systems manufacturers and suppliers, allowing access to bespoke design and calculation services to meet most client requirements.
Suitable for many applications

Cost Effective

Sections can be easily adapted on site

Rapid Water Tightness

Weighs Less than traditional construction methods

Fewer site deliveries

Increased sustainability performance

Less shrinkage or settlement than alternatives

Steel Framing Systems Projects

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